Corporate Health & Wellness

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Here you will see how extensive and intensive a partnership with inSports can involve management and employees to achieve healthier outcomes across the workplace thus reducing health risks and making for a more energetic, and engaged workforce.

Everyone involved will benefit from a clearer picture of general well-being and individual health issues leading to implementation of plans and programs to address and overcome health concerns. This in turn foretells and reduces health risks in the workplace, and leads to increased productivity from healthier lifestyles as well as early intervention and rehabilitation where necessary.

InSports programming is expansive, extensive and of the highest quality with regard to forethought, qualification and professionalism.

Lifestyle is all about work rest and play where physical and mental health is in balance. For your workplace to embark on such a complete program will involve and engage staff. It will also encourage individuals and the "team" to achieve improved productivity levels through assessment as well as better health choices and outcomes.

By informing us of your priorities and aspirations within the workplace and workforce, inSports can complete a package appropriate to your business needs.